Basic wash and wax service

Wash exterior of vehicle and apply a coat of wax to the vehicle, vacuum interior, clean windows, dress tires. This service is generally a follow-up / maintenance after an exterior or complete detail has been performed.  This service starts at $75.

(This service is performed on your vehicle in consistent intervals to preserve it from deterioration.  This service is designed for new vehicles or vehicles that have recently been detailed. This service is not for vehicles that have been neglected and / or that require deep cleaning or reconditioning.) 

Exterior Detail

The process starts with washing the exterior, cleaning fender well area, removing road tar and contaminants. We then correct paint damage such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and stains/blemishes. Then we condition the paint with a polish that will restore a deep brilliant shine. The polish is followed by a high quality wax.

The next steps include polishing chrome on the vehicle, cleaning the wheels and tires, dressing the tires and exterior rubber / plastic, and cleaning the windows. We finish up by removing all of the excess wax (around emblems, trim, etc.) and cleaning the door jambs. This service starts at $175.

Interior Detail

Interior cleaning begins with shampooing the vehicle carpets and floor mats and the vehicle upholstery (as needed). All plastic and vinyl is thoroughly cleaned then appropriately dressed to prevent cracking and fading. The dash is cleaned paying special attention to clean out all of the recessed areas of dust.We finish by cleaning the windows and vacuuming the trunk / cargo area. For interiors that have leather surfaces, we have specially formulated products for safely cleaning and rejuvenating / protecting the leather.This service starts at $175.

Complete Detail:

Includes all of the services of an Interior and an Exterior detail, and, cleaning the engine and engine compartment (including dressing the hoses and plastic pieces). This service starts at $270.

Additional Services

Aluminum wheel polishing, Overspray / tree sap removal and deep scratch removal. We can also provide color sanding services. We also have a list of trusted referral companies for minor dent and paint repair, Window tinting, custom painting and hand painted pin striping and upholstery repair. Call us for a price quotes on these services.


Please contact our recommended affiliate company for Aircraft Detailing. Contact Dean from Chicagoland Car Detailing or visit him on the web.

Since each vehicle is different, our prices vary by vehicle model, color and overall vehicle condition.

Call us for an estimate and to make and appointment.

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