If you’ve lived in the Midwest for long we don’t have to tell you why car detailing is a necessity in Milwaukee. As with most of the Midwest, Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs use salt to cut the ice from the roads during the Winter. This makes for much safer driving, but also cuts down on the life of our vehicles. A regular exterior vehicle cleaning (to tell the truth, even if you at least run it through your local car wash every week or two) will work wonders for your vehicle’s health.

What you may not know is that that road stays on your vehicle and on the road well into the Summer months if its not removed. Not only do we specialize in car detailing, we leave your car looking just the same as the day you drove it off the lot. Milwaukee Car Detailing is simply the best when it comes to auto detailing.

We service all of Milwaukee proper and the surrounding suburbs out as far as Waukesha. We come right to you at your home or workplace and bring everything we need with us. We are 100% fully contained. We even bring our own water with us. Only have an hour lunch break? No problem. We’ll pick up your keys and clean your vehicle in your company’s parking lot (assuming they ok that) or we’ll run it down the street to somewhere that allows it.

If you live in Milwaukee and are getting your car detailed with someone else, you aren’t getting the best or the best price.